At The Nod Box, we offer our signature rustic, wooden boxes filled with your choice of modern fresh flowers, succulents, artisan snacks and delicious Sweet Sue’s Treats - each box perfectly created for the person you wish to recognize. We pride ourselves on personal delivery with a smile. Think of us as your personal messengers of heartfelt gratitude.  

Our Mission

It’s simple—to make appreciation and recognition an everyday occurrence in business and in life. Who doesn’t have their day brightened by a simple “Thank you,” “Great job” or “Congratulations?” Too often great performances or good deeds go unrecognized -- making people feel undervalued and unappreciated. The Nod Box can change that.  We provide a special gift when a gift card or useless certificate just won’t do. All of our boxes are hand crafted to bring joy, happiness, and gratitude.

How It Started

After working on countless community and school events, two moms (Susan and Sandy) who met at their kids elementary school some 12 years ago, decided to create a business that combined their talents. Susan has delighted people with her homemade treats (Sweet Sue’s Treats) for years delivering the most delicious cookies made from the finest ingredients. And Sandy has launched countless new products, marketing campaigns and partnerships at some of the nation's top companies including General Mills, Quaker Oats and Shutterfly. Their knack for flawless execution, love of beautiful flowers, delicious food and making people happy were joined into one beautiful box. The result---The Nod Box was born!!

What's with all the dogs?

Sandy and Susan love all dogs, especially their white labs - and they named their Nod Boxes after their furry pups: Tess, Drake and Hallie.   Each box represents a little bit of their personalities.  The other boxes are named after their dog's furry friends.  Are you interested in having a box named after your pup?  Post a picture of your pup and his/her name on our Facebook page.  We will see what we can do!

Who’s Nod?

  • A local Silicon Valley company.

  • Women owned and operated.

  • Personal Messengers of heartfelt gratitude.

Why Nod?

  • Only one-stop, turn-key company that can deliver a reasonably priced all-in-one floral and treat appreciation box at your request.

  • Flower arrangements are fresh and modern and feature long lasting flowers.

  • Baked goods are homemade from a special recipe with quality ingredients to deliver the highest quality product.

  • Easy ordering process with impeccable customer service.

  • Delivered with exceptional attention to detail in a unique reusable woodland box.

"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude." - Karl Barth

Our crazy dogs are always bringing joy to our every day lives.

Our crazy dogs are always bringing joy to our every day lives.

Meet the original Tess, Hallie, & Drake

Meet the original Tess, Hallie, & Drake